[mythtv-users] Ultimate MythTV Remote Control - Solved

Joel W. Goldwein goldwein at xrtmd.net
Tue Jun 13 22:18:52 UTC 2006

I've spent a lot of time toying with, comparing and programming a variety of
remote controls (including JP1 remotes) for MythTV.  I have finally settled
on the following (combination) which I highly recommend for Myth users:

1. Novii Remote Deluxe (www.novii.tv)
2. Palm TX PDA

In my opinion, the combination provides the best balance between
flexibility, price and performance.  The only downside I have seen is the
lack of tactile feedback on the Palm PDA (with the exception of the hard
buttons that you can program) and slightly slow performance.   By the way,
it works great emulating combinations of the standard IR remotes that I need
for my HD Plasma TV, my VCR and my speaker system  as well as an IR keyboard
connected to MythTV.


PS - I have no relation to the company that makes the novii product or to


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