[mythtv-users] Question regarding nvram-wakeup and mythfillda tabase

Dawson, Guy Guy.Dawson at eu.sony.com
Tue Jun 13 08:01:24 UTC 2006

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> Subject: [mythtv-users] Question regarding nvram-wakeup and 
> mythfilldatabase
> Hi,
> I couldn't find the answer to my question in the MythTV docs, 
> so here I am :)
> Does the backend schedule a wakeup (I'm using nvram-wakeup on 
> my Pundit-R with great success!) to run the daily 
> mythfilldatabase? Or just for recordings?
> I'm running the backend on the same machine as the frontend, 
> and I don't need to have it running 24/7.

My machine ( Standalone 0.18.1 on FC3 ) is set up to use nvram-wakeup and
mythfilldatabase via mythbackend (ie not cron ).

The machine only wakes up to record.  I think that MythBackend runs
Mythfilldatabase no more than once per day,  rather than at the same time
every day ( assuming the default config ).  If no program is scheduled at
the ideal time,  downloading occurs at the next start up.


Guy Dawson

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