[mythtv-users] Xine or Mplayer with files of any type (mpeg, avi etc) no sound

Francesco Peeters Francesco at FamPeeters.com
Mon Jun 12 08:55:57 UTC 2006

On Mon, June 12, 2006 8:19, Doug said:
> I am trying to get my media library to work with Xine or mplayer via :
> mplayer -fs -ao alsa:mmap:noblock:device=hw=0.4 %s
> or
> xine -p %s
> or
> mplayer -fs %s
> They all find my spdif port as 0,4 ( which works for mp3's and dvd's via
> myth and xine or mplayer as DVD player)
>  but wont play a single file with audio,  but the video is fine?
> How do I get the audio to play is the a command line issue?  an spdif
> passthrough issue?
A few questions that may help paint a clearer picture to help solving this:

What type of audio stream is in the video files? MP3/OGG/AC/???

Have you tried video files with other audio formats? If so, did you get
the same results?
Have you successfully played audio-only files in the same format?

What is your audio setup? (OK, It's ALSA, but what H/W, etc.)

Good luck!

Francesco Peeters
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