[mythtv-users] Firewire troubles Motorola 6412

Rob Baumstark rbaumstark at gmail.com
Sun Jun 11 00:29:20 UTC 2006

On 6/10/06, Greg Woods <greg at gregandeva.net> wrote:
> I've got a Motorola DT-6412 cable box (basically the same as the
> DT-6400, but with a DVR in it). I am trying to record from it over
> Firewire, and not having any luck. This is a problem that is outside of
> MythTV, as I have the same issues using test-mpeg2 to record.
> I know that at least some of the channels are good (i.e. available
> unencrypted over Firewire), because every now and then I can actually
> get a recording using test-mpeg2. Those play back quite well through
> Myth (I cheat to test this; I overwrite one of the empty files from a
> recording that didn't work with the output file from test-mpeg2, and
> then I can play it through Myth). But most of the time, all I get is an
> empty file. I have checked plugreport so I know I have the correct host
> and node numbers. The channel changer works, because if I schedule a
> recording, I can see it change the channel to the designated recording
> channel on the box. But all I get is an empty file for a recording.
> Is there anywhere I can go for more detailed instructions on setting
> this up? Any information I can provide that would help anyone in
> assisting me to diagnose this? I have tried powering everything down and
> disconnecting the firewire cable, and that does not help. I have yet to
> figure out what it is that I do that makes test-mpeg2 work every once in
> a while, but I feel like I have to be close.
> I am running FC5, ATrpms for 0.19, and 2.6.16-1.2122_FC5smp on a Pentium
> 4 hyperthreading CPU.
> Thanks for any pointers.

Have you looked through the firewire page on the wiki yet?


Firewire from my DCT-6200 has been quite stable since I did the
enable_p2p thingy in there for a single STB.  test-mpeg2 doesn't
always work, but scheduled recordings and live TV are both 100%.

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