[mythtv-users] Remote frontend quits playback and backend shows 'WriteBlock zerocnt timeout'

David Whyte david.whyte at gmail.com
Sat Jun 10 07:57:48 UTC 2006

Hi myth-ers,

A problem has only recently started to occur within my setup.  When I
play a recording from either of my two remote frontends, it will
eventually stop playing back and return to the watch recordings

This happens on either of the frontends, with different recordings,
but all recording play fine on the BE/FE combo.

I have a feeling it could be a network issue, however, I haven't done
anything to change the network setup.  I have tried rebooting the BE,
the FE's and the router, but no luck.

I haven't done anything to modify my setup since this issue started to occur.

Any ideas?


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