[mythtv-users] cannot get mkiconmap.pl to download icons

SF Basilix sf_basilix at yahoo.com
Sat Jun 10 01:07:07 UTC 2006


I seem to be having a problem when attempting to
download the station icons for mythtv - running
version 0.19 on Fedora Core 4. Every time I run the
perl script mkiconmap.pl (tried it as both the mythtv
user and root) it just keeps returning the following:

$ mkiconmap.pl
Calling tv_grab_na_icons...

Postal Code: <I enter my 5 digit postal code>
Invalid Postal Code, try again

I can put in any postal code, and it just returns the
same error. Since I used yum to install mythtv, I also
downloaded the source code and ran the one that is in
the contrib directory - still same thing.

I do have xmltv installed (xmltv-0.5.43-66.rhfc4.at)
and have both the firewall and selinux disabled.

Am I missing some packages or settings in order to do
this? Zap2It found my postal code fine when I
registered on the website and found my cable provider
with no issues, but for some reason this script keeps
saying invalid postal code?

Thanks in advance!

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