[mythtv-users] upgrading an apt-get based FC system, big troubles, need help

Franco mythtv at email.it
Fri Jun 9 06:24:50 UTC 2006


thank you, so to sum up I have to:

- NOT upgrade from CD   (I really understand why!!!!)
- change all the "fcN" to "fcN+1" in all the files under sources.list.d

(isn't there any other file to touch? I seem to recall
I did attempt this in the past, but it wasn't enogh to fool apt)

The rest is not totally clear to me. Do I just have to run:

apt-get update
apt-get upgrade
apt-get dist-upgrade

in this sequence? Nothing elese?
Then what about this:

> For the fastest upgrade, just ask anaconda to do it for you. It will
> blow away some depedencies especially kmdls, but you can reconfigure
> the depsolvers to point to ATrpms and upgrade the rest.
> Note: "smart fix" can be very handy for finding (and fixing) broken
> dependencies.

when dod I do it? After the apt-get dist-upgrade?
And how do I run anaconda? Do I still need the installation CD?
Could you detail better this part? Or, is there a step-by-step
howto somewhere?


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