[mythtv-users] Wish list - keep only N recordings in a group

Kevin Kuphal kuphal at dls.net
Thu Jun 8 00:39:52 UTC 2006

yan seiner wrote:
> We use Myth to record the news.  It would be nice to be able to say, 
> keep only 3 recordings in this category, rather than keeping 1 recording 
> of each news program - we may record 8 news programs in a day...
> Maybe this is in 0.19; I am running 0.18 so I don't expect to see it 
> until my next major upgrade  :-)
> (Actually, I don't "expect" to see it at all.  It would be a nice 
> feature if someone got around to implementing it.)
I *think* if you made a rather straightforward but perhaps lengthly 
custom recording rule of something like:

If title = 'news2' OR title = 'news2' OR title = 'news3'

and then set a recording limit on that rule that it would only keep X 
recordings for all matches.  I do this with Friends/Seinfeld to keep 6 
of them around regardless of whether it is one or the other.


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