[mythtv-users] (To Jeff Simpson) XV on PVR-350, Gentoo and MythTV wiki

Jeff Simpson jeffsimpson at alum.wpi.edu
Wed Jun 7 19:34:22 UTC 2006

>  Not all lines are ending with ^M, only the extra 4 or 5 lines.

Weird. I'll take a look and get that fixed.

> > Do you know what headers are missing, by any chance?
>  <errno.h>
>  <fcntl.h>

I remember <fcntl.h> being a problem before, something about it the
file moving to a new location with some revision of X. I think those
headers should be from the other X packages, not directly included.
I'll check on that, though, thanks.

>  X.Org 7.0
>  Drivers: ivtvdev and i810

I meant like a specific version number for the ebuild and the actual
text from make.conf so I can recreate the bug if needed. (for example,
I have 7.0-r1 installed, and 7.1 is available. for make.conf I have:

USE="gnome2 gtk2 gtk apache2 php perl acpi apm avi esd gnome \
gtkhtml jpeg libwww mpeg mysql opengl perl png samba ssl \
tiff truetype usb X gl pda berkdb sdk dvd sse 3dnow mmx maildir pam \
-arts offensive -qt lirc mythtv network nvidia real v4l v4l2 xvid vhosts \
mjpeg aac threads mythdebug sdl fbcon mono svg ithreads -apache dvdread \
video_cards_nv video_cards_nvidia xprint video_cards_fbdev \

VIDEO_CARDS="nv nvidia vga vesa fbdev ivtvdev none"
INPUT_DEVICES="keyboard evdev mouse"

(note that I have video_cards_ivtvdev in the USE string as well as
ivtvdev in the VIDEO_CARDS string. I also had to re-install the
xorg-x11 package once I added them).

 - Jeff

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