[mythtv-users] video distortion

Will Constable willconstable at gmail.com
Wed Jun 7 14:38:38 UTC 2006

I am running a frontend via s-video and when I use the same TV and s-video
cable from my laptop via windows I get a perfect picture, but using linux on
my myth box there is something wrong.  The color is fine but there are
vertically oriented bars of distortion that scan from left to right
constantly-they are transparent in the sense that you can see everything on
the screen just fine at any given time, but they are really annoying to look
at.  I am wondering if the video card itself, an old Geforce 4 MX420 I had
lying around, is just not a good enough card or might be damaged, or if
maybe a setting for the nvidia driver in my XOrg.conf could fix this.  Any



Will Constable


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