[mythtv-users] Frontend freezes during live TV

Jason Kraftcheck jkraftch at facstaff.wisc.edu
Tue Jun 6 20:53:40 UTC 2006

Kyle Sexton wrote:
> All,
> Currently running MythTV and have been experiencing problems with the
> frontend freezing while watching LiveTV.  When it happens the
> mythfrontend reports the following:
> It looks like it's happening when one show ends and another starts, so
> that may be part of the problem.  I have the following versions installed:
> mythtv-backend-0.19-128.rhfc4.at <http://mythtv-backend-0.19-128.rhfc4.at>
> mythtv-frontend-0.19-128.rhfc4.at <http://mythtv-frontend-0.19-128.rhfc4.at>
> ivtv-0.6.1-109.rhfc4.at <http://ivtv-0.6.1-109.rhfc4.at>
> Has anyone else been having this problem?

I've seen live TV frequently hang (blank screen) when it traverses the boundary
between programs in the guide since upgrading to 0.19.  However, mythfrontend
does not hang.  Exiting and re-entering live TV seems works.

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