[mythtv-users] Speaker Suggestions ???

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Tue Jun 6 15:05:11 UTC 2006

On Jun 6, 2006, at 6:59 AM, Steve Skarda wrote:

> AVSForum is the best place to look for audio advice.
> I have to agree with Keven.   Personally, I would buy an actual  
> receiver and speakers so you can have a 5.1 or 7.1 system or  
> atleast the capability to expand down the road if you decide to go  
> high definition or play DVD's.  You can get great deals on the Polk  
> R series at oupost.com and Fry's if you watch closely for their  
> monthly sales.  The R-series is suposedly being discontinued so it  
> is a great value.
> Prices when on sale (watch fatwallet.com)
> Polk R30- $80 a pair for front (or better R50 for a bit more)
> Polk R15- $40 a pair, for sides and/or back surrounds.  These could  
> even be use for fronts and would be better than any 2.1 system.
> Polk CSi25- $70 for center.
> If you are impatient and can't wait for a sale, there are lots of  
> people that stocked up on these during the Fry's sales and sell  
> them on E-bay for $15-20 over the sale price.
> Then all you need is a receiver.   Again, if you are going to  
> invest the money, I'd pick up one that is at least capable of 5.1  
> or 7.1.    Ideally, you'll also want a subwoofer but that would be  
> out of your price range.  Personally, I think you'd get as much  
> bass out of the Polk system without a sub then you would with a  
> $200, 2.1 system.  Sometime later you could look at adding a Dayton  
> sub or SVSound sub (very expensive but highly recommended).  See  
> AVSForum.

I think I'll pick up a 2.1 system in order to get an immediate  
improvement over what I have now, and look around for a multi-channel  
solution in the longer term.

Using my MacIntosh amps seems to be impractical for any modern  
system, I'll just keep them connected to the turntable of their own  

Once I do go for a 5.1 or 7.1 system I can give the 2.1 to my nephew  
to use on his gaming box.

> Most folks will tell you to stay away from Bose.  It is all  
> marketing hype with quality no where near the price tag.  Do a  
> search for Bose on AVSForum and you will see what I mean.

I'd pretty much come to that conclusion about Bose. I've learned to  
be suspicious about products where none of the ads ever give the  
price, and even the salespeople want to speak in terms of "dollars  
per month" and not real cost.

It's a shame, because 30 years ago they had some great stuff, though  
still over-priced.

I do like my WaveRadio though, though that was over-priced as well.

Much thanks to all for the advice.
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