[mythtv-users] I'd like to find out more about the recordedmarkup table and MARK_GOP_START

Richard Bronosky mythtv at bronosky.com
Tue Jun 6 12:34:15 UTC 2006

I am using KnoppMyth R5B7 (MythTV-0.19) with a PVR-500.  I have
enabled "Start Auto-Commercial Flagging jobs when the recording
starts".  I'm mostly interested in doing something about all the
INSERTs of type "6" aka "MARK_GOP_START"

1.  What (other than Grand Old Party) does GOP mean, and what those
records are used for?
2.  I've read some things about the importance of MARK_GOP_START
entries varying between MPEG2 and MPEG4, between pre and post
transcode recording (I am not transcoding, I stick with the hardware
encoding), and between pre and post positionmap/seektable (I'm also
not sure of the difference) writing to the .nuv file.  (I think that
as of MythTV-0.19)  How does the importance of these records vary?

I'm thinking that since flagging isn't CRITICAL, I could modify MythTV
to write data relating to active flagging jobs to memory resident
temporary tables.  When the flagging is complete, copy only the
important records to hardcopy tables.

3. Is this a good idea?

I'm just thinking that overworking an HD like this can only lead to
early failure.


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