[mythtv-users] Problems getting chanle icons set up

David Schmidt david.schmidt.in.dallas at gmail.com
Mon Jun 5 14:39:36 UTC 2006

I ran into this this weekend as well.  I looked at the code, but my
perl is not good enough to fix it (and I tried several things).

Essentially, mkiconmap.pl calls (from memory) tv_grab_na_icons.pl
which is part of XMLTV.  That script just goes out to zap2it.com like
a browser would and enters the zip you give it.

Until recently, zap2it would then put up a page asking for your
cable/sat provider.  If it didn't, the script presumed you gave it an
invalid zip and asks again, like you noticed.  Recently, instead of
asking for a lineup, they take you straight to their generic network
data only page and you have to click another link to be prompted again
for zip and finally provider.

The bad news, the SourceForge page for XMLTv doesn't even seem to note
the problem, so I don't think anyone is working to fix it.  I tried
having it go to the URL of the current prompt for both zip and
provider, but zap2it seems to see I'm being clever and redirect me
when I do that.

Short:  I can't help, but it's not just you.

On 6/4/06, stan <stanb at panix.com> wrote:
> I'm trying to get my chnael icons set up on a KnoppMyth system. I've read:
> http://www.mythtv.org/docs/mythtv-HOWTO-9.html#ss9.5
> I installed xmltv, and I have tried to run mkiconmap.pl but every time
> I run it, it tels me that my postal code "29451" is invalid.
> So, I did a find for master_iconmap.xml and can't seem to find it.
> Can anyone sugsest where I can get this file, or figure out why
> mkiconmap.pl thinks my zip code is invalid?
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