[mythtv-users] Debian etch & lirc-modules-source

Mike stuff at dustsmoke.com
Mon Jun 5 00:02:54 UTC 2006

Anybody have some pointers how to get this working with an irman 
compatable serial reciever? I've done it before but with all the 
guessing that has to be done I don't remember my magical steps to do so.

I get my kernel-headers and kernel-source and every lirc package I can 
find in apt

I unzip the modules-source and kernel source

I try to run make-kpkg modules_image from the kernel source but it 
complains about it not being a valid tree. So I guess and run make-kpkg 
after copying over the /boot config for my kernel and that lets me 
'attempt' to make-kpkg modules_image but it fails because I don't have a 
include/linux/version.h. SWEET! So I copy over the file from 
linux-headers-2.6.15-1-k7 and then it runs but pukes all over the place. 
So I guess I have to go another direction here

So now I try to build it the same way as above with 
linux-headers-2.6.15-1-k7. I have to copy the kernel config and 
make-kpkg and then it lets me build everything as if all was fine and 
dandy.... But I try to modprobe lirc_dev and lirc_serial only to get 
dmesg failures about unresolved symbols. That makes me think I did 
something completely wrong but I'm out of idea's now.

So now I'm here, not impressed by the 'debian way' at all with lirc or 
the yellow brick road of README's that only link to other README's. 
(this goes on to infinity and you don't really find the right readme 
until you ignore the yellow brick road and go looking at everything you 
can find until you run into it with dumb luck.) One thing I seem to 
remember is that with 2.6.15 you need lirc 0.8.0 when I built everything 
myself on the master backend which is also a frontend. I'm trying to use 
the debian-multimedia packages for this frontend and knoppix doesn't see 
any reason to support irman recievers last I looked.

So my question, if its even possible with the debian packages and these 
2 possibly incompatible versions. Has somebody done this before (besides 
me who can't seem to do it again)? Can you tell me what you did or what 
to watch out for. Or better yet, point me to an up to date howto about 
it? If it isn't possible, what distro must I use to make it possible 
given that I am using an irman serial receiver? I don't really want to 
build lirc from source because that rolls over the lirc binarys that dep 
from the mythtv packages. What I'd really like to know is simply how to 
do it correctly as the maintainer intended so I can do it every time in 
the future with debian. But if fedora must be used, so be it. As long as 
you can do it correctly I really don't care what I use.

It should be harder irrecording your remote and making the lircrc files 
than it is to install the lirc kernel modules........ But this doesn't 
seem to be the case with debian. They want the installation to be as 
obscure and abstract as possible. But thats my question (and rant).


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