[mythtv-users] Recording can't be found

Michelle Moss michelle.moss at iinet.net.au
Mon Jun 5 02:57:04 UTC 2006

Phill Edwards wrote:
> I have Top Gear set to record every week on SBS (here in Australia).
> This is my favoutrite program and I've only managed to view the
> recording once out of 4 weeks so far so I'm very upset!
> It's set to record at any time on this channel. Mythbackend log shows
> that it was scheduled to reford today and MythWeb says it was recorded
> but the recording isn't on the file system and it doesn't show up in
> the watch recordings screen.
After upgrading to 0.19, I had this problem where Mythweb was telling 
that the show was recorded, before it was actually recorded. I would 
restart mythbackend, and then it would show up properly as "this showing 
will be recorded". At some point later on, it would revert to having no 
shows scheduled again, with all of them telling me that the show was 
recorded already. I was restarting my backend regularly for a couple of 
days. I read about some scheduling bug in mythweb (though it didn't 
really sound like my problem exactly) so I upgraded to the 0.19 fixes 
branch in SVN and this seems to have resolved the issue.

Just thought that you might be seeing a similar problem if you upgraded 
but weren't on the fixes branch..


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