[mythtv-users] Some general questions

Des Dougan des at DouganConsulting.com
Sun Jun 4 07:45:01 UTC 2006

I recently upgraded my monitor from a 17" CRT (about 5 years old and
fading) to a 20" LCD at 1680x1050 resolution. I also changed my video to
an eVGA nVidia 5500 (using the VGA interface at present).

So, with this in mind (and apologies if these are obvious questions):

1. Should I make any configuration changes to reflect the change in
monitor and video card?

2. Sports programs (from cable) don't seem sharp. Is this a factor of
the LCD's reaction time (8 ms is the quoted response rate)? Or could it
be the cable signal? The cable is split off the connection which also
provides my data service. It's on the first splitter (of two - this was
done by the cable company as they told me the data signal was too strong
(!)). Is the length of the coax likely to be a factor?

3. Given the lower resolution of TV signals, do people normally watch in
a window rather than full screen on a PC? It seems to me that
full-screen TV watching of analog cable programming doesn't lend itself
to a high-quality experience...

Thanks for any responses. I'm on Myth 0.19 on SuSE 10.0 (packages from
one of the SuSE apt repositories).

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