[mythtv-users] MythDevice?

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sat Jun 3 20:01:40 UTC 2006

On Jun 3, 2006, at 1:06 PM, Anil Gupte wrote:

> Yes, but I have made a living selling PCs (486s in those days) to dumb
> customers, and not so dumb customers as well.  I think one could  
> have a living
> at it.  Of course my gig would be to be a supplier to all the  
> people who wanted
> to sell to the end customer.  BTW, you can't buy new PIII machines  
> and you can't
> buy any Intel chips lower than 2Ghz - I think they buy them back so  
> they won't
> be in the market.

There are certainly plenty of used, refurbed, off-lease or just plain  
stolen (grin) machines on the market.

I saw some "refurbed" CPUs the other day, though I am not sure  
exactly how you would go about "refurbing" a chip (straighten the  
bent pins ?)

But I have no desire to deal with "users", my family members and  
friends are enough headaches.

Trying to stay somewhat on-topic, I think a lot of the refurbed  
machines on the market for around $100 would work as SD frontends for  
Myth, but so would X-Boxes, MediaMVPs and even some PDAs.

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