[mythtv-users] IVTV issues (video scrambled looking)

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Sat Jun 3 19:51:41 UTC 2006

On Jun 3, 2006, at 11:29 AM, Mickey Chandler wrote:

> At 12:16 PM 6/3/2006, Brian Wood wrote:
>> What cable system
> Cebridge Cable
>> what if any gear they provided
> None.
>> how many sets and
> Right now just one.  Eventually, I'll be adding another television,
> but I'll be making it a frontend instead.  Once I get this figured
> out, I'm hoping to add in another PVR 250.
>> what tier(s) you are subscribing to.
> Extended basic
>> Also, make sure your are set up for ntsc and the proper channel freqs
> I know it's set for NSTC-M.  I have tried us-cable, us-cable-hrc, and
> I think there was another option (us-cable-irc?).  All have been
> tried, with us-cable providing the best results.

That makes sense, and your audio is very good, so you can't be off- 
frequency by too much.

Just to check the obvious again, if you take the exact same connector  
and hook it up to the TV set you get good pictures ?

You get this problem on each and every channel ?

Can you try connecting baseband video into the card and see if you  
get a clean record (maybe a VCR output, be careful of DVD analog  
outputs as some of them have "protection" in them).

Has this card ever worked in any system, we want to eliminate the  
possibility of a bad card.

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