[mythtv-users] X-10 Module for Myth?

Andrew Close aclose at gmail.com
Fri Jun 2 18:29:01 UTC 2006

On 6/2/06, Nick Ellson <grimm at nickellson.com> wrote:
> Ahh, well the ir command idea sounds doable in a pinch. I'll play with
> that.
> But when I started seeing all the modules that Myth had that side stepped
> TV directly I started thinking what else this interface lends itself to.
> Heck, I could see home-automation modules fit right in, if you view myth
> as the best way to keep you in the easy-chair ;)
> For me, I managed to get X-10 to run just about everything from my
> sprinkler system to the A/C in the house, and on to the security system.
> So to have some control using Myth and the USB Active Home controller,
> well.. gee, why get off my butt again?
> Hoping this plants a seed in someone looking for a project that can code.
> (if that were me this would be one I'd like to try, but my lame BASH
> scripping just won't cut it ;))

i think this fits in just as well as the plugins that currently exist.
 Myth controls your entertainment, why not use it to control your
environment as well?  i wish i knew C/C++ and wasn't so lazy that i
can't be bothered to learn. :)  this would be a cool project, one that
i'll definitely tinker with when one of you implement it. :D
does PlutoHome use X-10 to do its automation?  it uses Myth for its
media...  that might be a place to start looking.  i'm pretty sure
their code is available.

Nick, do you have details on what you've done to assemble your home
automation system?  a blog or how-to? (hint-hint)
i've been considering wiring in X-10 outlets so i can control my
lighting and appliances.  i would have considering using X-10 for
everything when i finished my basement had i known it existed a couple
years ago. :)

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