[mythtv-users] Having problems / Need info on BOB Deinterlacing

James Buckley james at logicland.co.uk
Thu Jun 1 13:52:53 UTC 2006

In the USA lots of people are watching HD cable; surely the same will come
to England (over-the-air). But anyway, I'll see when HD stables out in the

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On 01/06/06, James Buckley <james at logicland.co.uk> wrote:
> Yeah, now you mention it, the card does have analogue inputs. Do you know
> *any* DVB-T receiver can cope with HD content, or only ones which have
> designed to. I might have to get a DVB-S receiver then, but they are very
> scarce. Anyway, haven't managed to generate a working modeline, once I do
> though, playback should look better.

As I understand it playback of UK High Definition recordings on PC
hardware is very challenging at the moment, likely requiring dedicated
decoder hardware.

Last time I checked,  myth couldn't capture the signal (I used
dvbstream), even though the cards might be capable (look on the devs
list for progress).

What I'm saying is, if you're interested in HD in the UK, do your own
research before spending any money on PC hardware, and don't expect
wife-friendly results yet.  Without buying a dedicated set-top box I'd
say it's at the 'serious enthusiasts only' stage.
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