[mythtv-users] [Bulk] Re: Broadcast flag and a kick in the teeth

Raphael Pooser rpooser at gmail.com
Thu Jan 26 18:05:25 UTC 2006

Stan Zaske wrote:
> All very good advise however the Republicans are way out in front in the 
> race to suck up PAC money from corrupt lobbyists and I'm very active 
> politically. This country needs a change in direction and that looks to 
> be Democratic. And it's probably a good idea for me to stop my OT 
> remarks before I pull out the old soap box.
> Dewey Smolka wrote:
>> On 1/26/06, Stan Zaske <swzaske at yahoo.com> wrote:
>>> Defeat the Republican Senators and Representatives up for election come
>>> November. Maybe then, we can largely get rid of the corrupt lobbyists
>>> buying our government away from us, the American People.
>> Unfortunately, the broadcast flag problem goes far beyond the
>> Republicans. In fact, Hollywood is much, much, much cozier with
>> Democrats than Republicans -- do you really think Sen Feinstein (D-CA)
>> is with us on this one? (She's the one who wants to send movie
>> 'pirates' to Federal pound-me-in-the-ass prison.)
>> In fact, with the Broadcast Flag nonsense you'll get a lot more
>> sympathy from our cause from old-time small-government conservatives
>> than from nanny-government liberals.
>> Who do you imagine opposing the B-Flag -- John McCain (R-AZ) (who's
>> already gone after cable companies for price gouging), or Ted Kennedy
>> (D-MA) (who's never seen an opportunity to regulate he didn't like)?
>> I am certainly no Republican (the only Texan I ever voted for came in
>> third), but the Democrats are most definitely behind the broadcast
>> flag (in as much as they are behind anything these days other than the
>> times).
>> But there are a few reasonable members in both houses on both sides.
>> I'm registered in WV, and I've been pleased as punch with Sen Byrd's
>> (D-WV) office. No on the war, no on the Pat Act, and certainly not in
>> Hollywood's pocket.
>> When you call and write your Senator or Representative (which you
>> should every time this issue comes up -- normal post is most likely to
>> get a response), there are a few points you should make:
>> * You are an inventor, an entrepreneur, and a voter. It doesn't matter
>> to what extent the first two are true -- there are a thousand ways to
>> build new businesses around PC-based media management. Your business
>> would bring investment and high-skill jobs to the state/congessional
>> district. The broadcast flag severely limits your abilities to do so.
>> You will get more sympathy from your reps if you take the 'hurts my
>> business / prospects' route rather than the 'I have a right to TV'
>> line.
>> * If you talk about Myth, stress time-shifting, integration of
>> different media (especially home movies and digital photos), and open
>> source development. Avoid talking about things like dvd archiving, cd
>> ripping, and probably mythgame altogether (TV is alright, they've
>> heard about this 'ripping' thing and it's bad, and they don't
>> understand dvds nor care to. Games are bad).
>> * Be polite and formal. Avoid hyperbole. Speak in terms they can
>> understand -- you're a small business and a constituent, and you're
>> deeply concerned. Don't quote legislation or use legal terminology
>> unless you are a lawyer (or play one on the internet).
>> And don't count on this going away anytime soon. If it doesn't fly now
>> even with 'digital' and 'security' in the name, it may be wormed into
>> a must-pass security bill later. Happy times ahead.
>> What else should you tell your Congressman?
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