[mythtv-users] Recorded programs

Michael T. Dean mtdean at thirdcontact.com
Tue Jan 24 20:48:06 UTC 2006

On 01/24/2006 03:31 PM, Stuart Fox wrote:
> Im having a small problem with recorded livetv program, basically they're
> not showing up in the "View recordings" bit, the files are on the
> filesystem and the show up in the "Previously" recorded bit.
> Im running 0.18.1 on a lfs system.
LiveTV doesn't work that way in 0.18.1 and below.  You would have to 
upgrade to SVN to get that functionality.  In 0.18.1, if you watch 
LiveTV, you lose the recording as soon as you exit LiveTV.  If you press 
"R" it should /begin/ to record the program as a normal recording, but 
starting from the point you pressed "R".

When you eventually go to SVN/0.19 (or, in case you don't know what 
version you're actually running), by default LiveTV doesn't show in "All 
Recordings" because a bunch of people got all worried when they saw 
them.  You can either
    a) switch to the LiveTV group
    b) disable hiding of LiveTV in "All Recordings"

Show 'LiveTV' recordings when using ""All Programs" filter
If this setting is disabled, LiveTV recordings will only be visible via 
the special "LiveTV" Recording Group.


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