[mythtv-users] ProjectGrayhem-wide theme version 1.2

James Armstrong james at thearmstrongs.org
Fri Jan 20 12:36:48 UTC 2006

Justin Hornsby wrote:
> I fully understand the issues brought about by the miracle of overscan
> - infact I think I even remember pointing it out to somebody a long
> time ago.
Probably to me ;)

> I've made a classic mistake in not practising what I preach, but I aim
> to put this right eventually. In the interim, I hope people can make
> do with adjusting their GUI sizes.
I tried playing with my gui sizes last night. I got it to fit better, 
but it is not pleasing to the eye. It leaves a blue-ish haze around the 
background and you can see distortion at the corners, where with 
overscan, all that is hidden off the screen.

> I agree that a 10% allowance is probably overkill.  I think it would
> waste a lot of screen area on non-overscanned displays in any case.
> So - while I'm doing all the other rework on the job I'll pay
> attention to overscan.. setting my borders at 5%
I think 5% should be enough. I think that is what I used on my theme I 
played with along time ago. The text on most screens is just at the 
edge, it is all visible (I think, going by memory), but the box borders 
are off the screen.

> Justin.
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