[mythtv-users] Miserable time installing Mythtv

Jarod Wilson jarod at wilsonet.com
Thu Jan 19 03:04:16 UTC 2006

On Wednesday 18 January 2006 18:38, H P Ladds wrote:
> Hey Mythtv-users,
> I have been trying to follow Jarod's HOWTO to install Mythtv for about a 2
> weeks+ now. No luck! Argh!

Jarod's doc is in need of some love. I know that at least some parts (esp. 
ivtv) are sorely outdated now...

> First I started with Fedora Core 3, Asus AV8 w/AMD64 3500+, Bt878 based
> card. Couldn't get Mythtv to tune in stations, but everthing else seemed to
> work great. Even TVtime worked great.
> Now I'm working with Fedora Core 4, Asus P2B-D w/two Pentium III 600s, and
> a Hauppauge 150 -- absolutely no luck this time; my machine doesn't seem to
> recognize the WinTV -150. I switched to the Hauppauge WinTV 150 because the
> Hauppauges seem to be popular with the posters here, but Fedora Core 4 is
> not recognizing the WinTV 150 card.
> Using rpm to install the WinTV 150 drivers leaves me searching the net for
> dependencies. Any suggestions on how to install the drivers using yum?

So far as I know, this should cover it:

# yum install ivtv-kmdl-$kver ivtv ivtv-firmware ivtv-firmware-audio

Just use the ATrpms stable repo though, not the testing one.

> I believe most of my difficulties center around using yum and apt-get. I'm
> just understanding how to use them, but it seems as though the two are
> related. Do they both use the same repos? Do I need to run apt-get update
> && apt-get dist-upgrade to proper run yum?

apt and yum are two very similar dependency resolver/package installer tools 
(as is "smart"). They can use many of the same repositories, if both apt and 
yum metadata are provided (and smart can use both apt and yum metadata, among 
others). Just pick one or the other and stick with it. Once you have the 
right repositories configured, just "yum|apt-get|smart install <package>" and 
package (or packages) should get installed with all their dependencies.

Jarod Wilson
jarod at wilsonet.com
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