[mythtv-users] Looking for good specifications for mythTV

Chris Weisiger cweisiger at i-55.com
Wed Jan 18 04:01:34 UTC 2006

What are some good specs for a mythTV box..I have seen specs for high 
end machines doing multiple
recordings....I am not looking into doing such things...

All i am looking for is to record a single channel while watching 
it....and the possibility to pause live tv...
just a basic recording box....

I am looking into buiding a mini-itx box with laptop components....slim 
line cd/dvd, laptop hard drive, dimm or sodimm memory
depending on what type of mini-itx motherboard i get or is recommended....

What is the lowest possible processor speed to accomplish recording and 
pausing live tv....

i was looking into getting a mini-itx with a 1.3 processor? and a 
pvr-350 card?

i know memory helps the system..so i was planning on maxing out the 
memory..i found
a mini-itx board that can support 2 gig or ram...and the hard drive 
space of course is not
an issue for me to deal with...it is basically the processor speed.. 
being this is the first
attempt at creating a mythTV box...

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