[mythtv-users] Live TV recording as if it was a scheduled recording

Jake jakeisawake at gmail.com
Sun Jan 15 03:33:03 UTC 2006

On 1/14/06, Mudit Wahal <mwahal at gmail.com> wrote:
> Kevin,
> I'll give you one example of the koolaid gang trying to force their
> koolaid on others.
> http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/users/138384
> The attitude is my highway or the high way. It has been quite apparent

dude, i read that thread and at most what i got from it was that some
dumbass couldn't get myth to work with his setup so he loves the
iolink because no muss. no fuss.  that is fine with me.  all i know is
you gotta be retarded to not be able to get myth to work.  either that
or you made a mistake when buying hardware.  or you didn't research

guess what,  i followed the myth mailing lists for over a year and a
soon as myth supported the hauppauge pvr cards i jumped on board. 
wanna know how long it took me to get myth up and running perfectly? 
answer:  about and hour.  from no debian to full myth.  now, i have
definitely used linux before but still.  i think the real problem with
the myth mailing lists is that people like me who do research and know
what they're doing get inundated with rediculous posts from users that

fine,  mythtv may be quite appealing to joe blow but most of us on the
list who can answer questions have put in some time and is it not
reasonable that we expect others to do the same.

as for the livetv situation it is seriously rediculous.  before the
livetv change everyone was clamoring for a way to hit record and get
whatever program they were watching in livetv added to the program
table (a reasonable request i must admit).  this was prohibitevly
complex with the ringbuffer so isaac redid livetv.  now morons are
whining about something else, you can't win.  and of course no one
even peeped when isaac told everyone he was gonna change livetv. 
hell, i knew it was gonna happen months before it did, it's not like
isaac decided one day, hell, i'm gonna piss everyone off and totally
redo livetv!  no, it was a long time coming.

i want to thank isaac for the change.  i love the new livetv and i
love autoexpire.  mythmhandles everything perfectly and without a
hiccup.  we may be on the outer edge of mythtv (we autoexpire about
150 hours of tv a week)  but myth works perfectly for us.

keep up the good work and if you don't like myth, try switch to MCE ;)

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