[mythtv-users] -[S]- mythtvsetup on debian (ubuntu) missing

John Biundo johnbiundo at sbcglobal.net
Thu Jan 12 23:36:12 UTC 2006

Raphael Pooser wrote:
> far as I know it's not "bundled", certainly not in hoary that I've been 
> using.  You can get it from repositories though, so almost as good as 
> being bundled.  Those .18.1 repository builds were reported as broke for 
> breezy though, so not really bundled at all.  Maybe they're fixed now, 
> or maybe the guy who started the thread compiled the .18.1 source.
> Raphael


As Raphael said, not bundled. But available by enabling the universe 
repository.  Google on the Ubuntu web site for "universe" and you'll 
find plenty of stuff to tell you how to enable it.

Question: Raphael, do you recall any details, or perhaps a reference, to 
what was broke with the 18.1 repository builds?  I've had a few 
mysterious things happen, but haven't seen any references to build 
problems before your post. Would love to connect up with others who may 
be having similar issues.


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