[mythtv-users] Ordering of mysql and mythbackend shutdowns

Chris Pinkham cpinkham at bc2va.org
Tue Jan 10 10:46:17 UTC 2006

> I've just noticed that, when rebooting the master backend machine,
> mysql gets shut down before the backend (because, of course, "mysql"
> sorts before "mythbackend" and typically they're both started/stopped
> w/the same two-digit priority in the rc scripts).  This causes the
> backend (if it's logging verbosely, which mine is) to emit a bunch of

This is a distribution issue, the distributor is the one who specified
the startup/shutdown sequence, it's not in the Myth source code.

> (I also don't know what would happen to any in-progress jobs such as
> commflagging; I'm assuming they'd just be restarted upon boot 'cause
> they wouldn't have been deleted from the job queue.)

Yes, they should be recovered and restarted automatically.


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