[mythtv-users] Zap2It multiple sources same cable?

Steve Adeff adeffs at gmail.com
Thu Jan 5 15:56:46 UTC 2006

On Thursday 05 January 2006 10:26, R. G. Newbury wrote:
> Byron Poland wrote:
> >On 1/3/06, Steve Adeff <adeffs at gmail.com> wrote:
> >>So I've got three sources from the same cable company, am I doomed to
> >> have to have 3 logins?
> >>
> >>1: HD Digital Cablebox via Firewire
> >>2: SD Digital Cablebox via PVR-150
> >>3: pcHDTV HD3000 cia QAM
> >>
> >>all from Comcast. Now, each source requires its own specific channel
> >> lineup and all three require a "Digital Cable" lineup to be selected.
> >>
> >>The easiest would be to setup 1 zap2it source for all three and somehow
> >> tell Myth which tuner gets what channels. But I don't think this is
> >> possible.
> >
> >See if you can pick a neighboring zip code that has the same services.
> > I seem to remember doing this to try and circumvent some multiple
> >lineup issues, I don't remember my exact issues they could of been
> >related to OTA stuff.
> I think you only need 2 different lineups at zap2it.
> I have ONE logon at zap2it and TWO different lineups. One lineup is
> just  'Cable'. The other is 'Digital'.
> Your PVR150 card will use the 'Cable' source.
> Your Digital channels should be handled by the Myth database.
> You may be able to use the 'other zip-code' trick, but I think that that
> will fail unless you set up a different login. (I haven't tested but I
> thought that Myth could handle a different login for an alternate
> source. The problem is the zap2it end: one login allows only one lineup
> of each type, cable, digital, or broadcast.)
> You should be able to get all of the digital channels working properly
> from the one digital lineup.
> To get QAM working you have to set up the dtv_mulitplex table and then
> enter the channel PID (as the serviceid) in the channel database.
> Search gossamer threads for a topic heading starting with  "Sweet! PC
> HD..." for links on how to get that done.
> When you select a show, Myth uses the database and searchs to find the
> channel, and parses out the hardware source (and serviceid to give to
> the hardware) and the frequency in order to tune the proper piece of
> hardware.
> In this case the source will be either #1 or #3, and it will always
> internally 'tune' to the fixed channel while outputting an IR
> change-channel signal to the cablebox for any channel mapped to #1. At
> least that's how it appears it should work. And people have reported
> here that the two parts of this do work separately. In fact, I'm doing
> the 'source #3' part of that now with my PVR500 and HD3000. Your setup
> is different only in using the 'same' digital source for different
> tuners depending on the channel, but it should work.
> You have an advantage in that you can use the cablebox to discover the
> PIDs for all of the digital channels, so it will be a little easier for
> you to set up the HD3000 card's database entries. You may want to get
> phpMyAdmin running on your box, as this requires some mysql database
> bit-bashing which is a lot easier to do with a hand holding gui.
> Geoff

except that my hdtv cable box gets a different set of channels than my 
non-hdtv digital cable box which is a different set of channels that my DVB 
card can receive. If I could, I would have one lineup and tell MythTV which 
channels from the lineup each input is actually able to receive, but from 
what I understand there is no way to do this as the visible setting will 
still let Myth try and record a channel a source might not have.


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