[mythtv-users] Popup menus occasionally unresponsive with LIRC

Ramon Redondo malinon at gmail.com
Wed Jan 4 22:07:20 UTC 2006

On 1/4/06, Wendy Seltzer <wseltzer at gmail.com> wrote:
> I've been trying to debug this without much luck -- any suggestions would be
> welcome.
>  Most of the time, my remote (X10 Lola vi lirc_atiusb module) works
> beautifully.  Sometimes, however, when I invoke popup menus from the remote
> (e.g., with the key mapped to M, in watch recording or play music screens),
> none of the buttons is highlighted, and up and down arrows do nothing.  ESC
> from the remote closes the popup.  Hitting remote-M again has the same
> problem.
>  Entering M from the keyboard instead shows the menu with first button
> selected, and from there, I can again navigate with the remote.  (Very
> rarely, the keyboard shows the same problem, but it tends to last for only
> one keypress there.)
>  None of the logs shows anything out of the ordinary, or any difference
> between times when the remote works and times when it doesn't.  It often
> varies within a single session.
>  This has been happening sporadically for months (currently running svn ~
> rev 8490).  Anyone else seeing this, or have suggestions where to look for
> the problem?
>  --Wendy
> --
> Wendy Seltzer
> http://wendy.seltzer.org/blog/

I had run into this problem for a really long time.  For me it was a
focus issue caused by Xine upon exit.  Xine supposedly passes focus
back to the kicker, and some widgets can't get focus in this state. 
In order to work around it, I would grab my keyboard, and do an
alt-tab to switch to another window and back again, and that would

Over time I had seen different solutions mentioned, from switching
from KDE to a different WM (I tried RatPoison... no go), to rebuilding
Xine with some hack to fix the focus problem (didn't bother), to
changing focus to follow the mouse (didn't work on its own).

Over the Christmas break I decided I was going to find a way to get
this to work correctly.  I finally ran into an old post on this list:


The idea was to:
1)  Change the WM behavor to have the focus follow the mouse.
2)  Call mousemove to move the mouse to the edge of the screen and
back to the client area after xine has completed.  This restored

I took his fix and modified it slightly so that I had a single script
which called xine with desired parameters, and then perform the

I have also seen somewhere that claimed that mythbrowser also could
cause this focus issue.  But I don't think I've run into it.

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