[mythtv-users] Re: yet another mythtv theme "RETRO"

Jack R. Hyde jr at jrh.net
Wed Jan 4 19:48:02 UTC 2006

Omg yes widescreen version! I just run mythcenter since I haven't found 
a widescreen theme other than the minimalist theme. Great job on isthmus 
btw, been running that since it was released, and have been very happy 
with it.

gerhard aldorf wrote:
> Hi
> Thank's for you kind feedbacks nice to see someone likes my theme.
> -- Has the theme been updated to include all the recent changes to themes
> in SVN Head?
> No, I just borrowed the ui.xml file from Mythcenter theme. Havn't had 
> time to look at that yet. If  you want to try it out in the SVN 
> version just replace the ui.xml file from the Mythcenter theme.
> --I like the fonts, and changing to something with liscensing issues 
> would be
> far worse. A+ job man!
> I actually agree with you there and I probably just leave it as it is 
> for the moment.
> I'm going to rerender all watermarks to make them a nudge bigger and 
> prepare them for a wide screen version. Hopefully I also get some time 
> this weekend to finish a new version of the isthmus osd as well.
> Anyway thank's for your feedback.
> Gerhard

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