[mythtv-users] Re: No Closed Captioning

Beny Spensieri Jr benyjr at yahoo.ca
Sun Jan 1 21:28:22 UTC 2006

Jason Mollman wrote:
> "ivtvctl -X"  to get the current setting
> "ivtvctl -x 1" to turn it on
> "ivtvctl -x 0" to turn it off

Thanks for the info, that got me on track to get a
working situation.

In addition to "ivtvctl -x 1", I also set "ivtvctl -w
cc" to passthrough closed captioning to the

Mythtv still does not display closed captioning text,
but at least my television's closed captioning
function now handles the mythtv live tv and recording

The only problem is that I have to execute "ivtvctl -x
1 -w cc" everytime the computer is rebooted.  I've
setup a script in ~/.kde/Autostart/ to do this, but is
there a more optimal way to make these setting
permanent?  A config file perhaps?

Ultimately I would like to have Mythtv also handle the
closed captioning with my pvr 350.  Any other




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