[mythtv-users] ASUS mobo woes

match at ece.utah.edu match at ece.utah.edu
Tue Feb 28 23:01:53 UTC 2006

On 28 Feb 2006 at 12:09, Bradley Remedios wrote:

> On 2/28/06, match at ece.utah.edu <match at ece.utah.edu> wrote:
> > Overall, I've been satisfied with ASUS. I have 4 of the A7N8X or A7N8X-E systems running
> > without issue. This P4P800 is the first ASUS board I've had difficulty with.
> >
> > The thing is, most manufacturers nowadays make decent boards overall, but every
> > manufacturer makes a board once in a while that is just a dog. I'm wondering if the P5P800
> > is ASUS's current dog...
> I'm a little confused as to whether you are having problems with a
> P4P800 or P5P800. If it is indeed the P4P800, I had a little problem
> with Fc3 and FC4 with it.

It's a P5P800. The above is a typo.


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