[mythtv-users] PVR-500 Problems

Jeremy McDermond mcdermj at xenotropic.com
Tue Feb 28 09:06:08 UTC 2006

On Feb 24, 2006, at 10:26 PM, Jeff Plotzke wrote:

> Hello all,
> I'm trying to set up a myth system with a PVR-500, however running  
> into some problems.  I haven't even attempted to install myth  
> yet... just trying to get this card to work.  I'm using Gentoo  
> Linux and following the instructions on their wiki (http://gentoo- 
> wiki.com/HARDWARE_PVR_500_Setup)
> However, when I modprobe ivtv, I get this failures in my dmesg  
> output.  It seems as if modules aren't loading.  Where do I get  
> them?  Can someone please help me with this?  (I would post my  
> kernel config, but it's too large to post -- I tried to post the  
> most relevant sections)

I just finished setting up a PVR-500 on my gentoo system, so maybe I  
can provide some help.  This doesn't look right:
	tuner 1-0061: type set to 68 (Philips TUV1236D ATSC/NTSC dual in)
Type 68 should be a Samsung tuner, it looks like this on mine:
	tuner: type set to 68 (Samsung TCPN 2121P30A)

There's a patch detailed in the myth wiki that needs to be applied to  
0.4.2 to support the Samsung tuners:  (http://www.mythtv.org/wiki/ 
index.php/Hauppauge_PVR-500).  I looked in the Gentoo ebuild for  
ivtv, and no patch seems to be applied as part of the process.  I  
hand compiled the mercurial version to make the tuner work with my  
HD-3000 card as well, so I can't help you a lot with the portage  

There's always the possibility that you don't have a Samsung tuner at  
all, and you're just setting it to the wrong value.  I don't pass any  
parameters to my modules, and they all load up and behave fine for me.

Hope this helps you out a little.

> Thanks!!
> ~Jeff
> jeff at plotzke.com

Jeremy C. McDermond
Xenotropic Systems
mcdermj at xenotropic.com

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