[mythtv-users] How to Specify tuner type for PVR-150MCE

Brian Wood beww at beww.org
Mon Feb 27 22:26:54 UTC 2006

> Brian Wood wrote:
>> I decided to try KnoppMyth on an unused machine just to see how it
>> works.
>> It mostly works, but I'm getting just static on the PVR-150MCE card.
>> DMESG says:
>>  "tuner: type set to 4 (no tuner) by ivtv i2c driver #1
>> I remember that there is a way to force the tuner type, but I can't
>> remember how it is done.
>> The Knoppmyth wiki is down due to "user exceeding bandwidth  
>> allowance".
>> Anyone know how to force the tuner type? Or another answer to this
>> problem.

> I believe it is 'modinfo ivtv' which will list the options for the  
> ivtv
> module, I've seen a tuner type specification in there but have  
> never had
> a need to use it myself. I have to use the cardtype option to get my
> pvr-150 (non mce) to work though...
> Hope this helps!

Well I see some info there, but nothing specific enough help  
immediately. Since there seems to be specific instructions on the  
KnoppMyth WiKi I think I'll just wait 'till it's back up.

I have 3 PVR-150s that work just fine, I just got tired of buying IR  
interfaces that I'm not going to use, so I picked up an MCE. I would  
have thought that it would be the same except for the I2C remote  
interface, I guess not. Makes sense it has a different tuner as it  
has an FM section. I think I read someplace that it needs a very  
recent version of IVTV.

Meantime I've put an HD-3000 in the KnoppMyth box, I'm just trying to  
see what KnoppMyth can and will do before I suggest it to a couple of  
friends of mine.

I have concluded you can *not* just give a KnoppMyth CD to somebody  
who has no experience with Linux, unless you dislike them intensely :-)

It certainly did get a basic PVR-card setup up and running pretty  
nicely though.

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