[mythtv-users] Radeon 9600 Component to CRT TV [SOLVED]

Henry Fleischmann henry at fishcasa.com
Mon Feb 27 15:53:54 UTC 2006

>Not sure if I'm the only one on this list still using a tube TV but
>maybe someone remembers how to do this from the old days ;)
>I recently put a Gigabyte Radeon9600Pro with the ATI DVI-to-component
>adapter into my frontend and I'm having problems getting the display
>settings right. Previously I was using s-video in and it worked fine.
>The mythtv menu comes up fine and looks great, but when I watch TV or
>play a video, it's like the picture is zoomed in 5-10 times too much.
>I've tried changing the resolution from 800x600 to 640x480 and finally
>352x240. 352x240 looks the best but it is still zoomed 4-5 times too
>much. Changing resolution to 176x120 did not shrink the picture any further.
>I'm using Version 8.21.7 of the ATI proprietary drivers and X.org
> on gentoo 2.6.15-r1. Mythtv is is 18.1.
>> Well I've sorted the problem out to some extent. Modeline was not the
>> primary issue. Xv seems to be causing the weird video resizing. If I
>> disable it commenting out 'Option "VideoOverlay" "on" ', video plays ok.
>> Any ideas? Driver issue maybe?

Solved problem by reverting back to version 8.18.8 of the ATI drivers.

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