[mythtv-users] Best mythtv hardware combination possible

Ignasi yo at ignasi.com
Mon Feb 27 12:04:20 UTC 2006

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Hi there!

I'm new to mythtv. I'd like to set up a fine mythtv box. I have been
reading the docs on hardware that works, but I think that user
experience is what can help me most. What I need is:

1.- Record from both DVB-T and analog TV (PAL), if possible in just 1
PCI card.
2.- Record from my cable box through either SCART or RCA analog
connectors. Then I might need 2 capture cards...
3.- To have the possibility of sending recorded TV programs to an
already setup storage server on my network (maybe through Samba or NFS?).
4.- Output to VGA and composite video. Will VGA give me enough quality
for a Plama/LCD TV set?
5.- I would like to have the abbility of recording and watching another
channel at the same time.

If I need 2 or more capture cards, then what's the deal with the
remotes? Will I need different cards so the remotes use different codes?

Can anyone suggest the appropiate hardware requirements for these?

Thanks very much in advance. Cheers,

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