[mythtv-users] A word of thanks :)

Chris K ckotting at wideopenwest.com
Mon Feb 27 01:16:48 UTC 2006

>I just upgraded to 0.19 from 0.18.1 and it seems to be working
>perfectly.  Even seems to have solved the "first frame is no keyframe"
>issues I was having.
>Anyways, I just wanted to thank the developers, testers, and everyone
>else involved.  Also, thanks to Axel for making it so easy for people
>like me to upgrade.

Ditto here.  I just did an upgrade (on FC3) to 19.1 using 'apt-get 
dist-upgrade' and it couldn't have been much easier.  I did have a few 
hiccups that may be worth noting:

1) Mythweb gave the database error, until I set "AllowOverrides All" in 
2) I had the same issue with "Tuner0" becoming just "Tuner" that was 
mentioned elsewhere on the list (redoing the configuration for the tuner 
card resolved it).
3) In reconfiguring the tuner card, I ran "scan for channels" adn ended 
up with the system displaying program info consistently one channel 
lower lower than where it was actually tuned.  Changing over to pulling 
channel information from zap2it resolved it.

Still, resolving these in about 15 minutes this morning allowed me to 
maintain the hugely high WAF that makes this the most successful 
computer project yet.

Chris K.

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