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Thu Feb 23 20:31:07 UTC 2006

1.  Passport 3.3 Build 017 has a defect in it that
incorrectly keeps the copy protection set to '2 Copy
Once' if you ever change the channel to a protected
channel until you reboot the SA3250HD (holding power
for 3 seconds).  I've validated this behaviour in the
Diagnostics Menu.  I've also confirmed the the copy
protection doesn't impact the behaviour of
'test-mpeg2'.  It creates an empty file whether it is
set to '2 Copy Once' or '4 Copy Freely'

2. Having a firewire device show up on Node 0 is very
unusual and could cause some problems.  No matter what
I do, including plugging in another firewire device,
will cause the device to show up on Node 1 or 2.

With all of this said, I have a couple of questions
and any general guidance would be appreciated.

1.  How does the SA3250 behave if the firewire port is
not active?  Would it create an empty file or would it
not even be recognized by the Linux box.  The fact
that the channel change program works leads me to
believe the port is active but could be it active for
changing channels but not for streaming.

2.  How does the SA3250 behave when you try to stream
a channel that is copy protected?  Does it produce an
encrypted output file or does it produce no output

3.  Does anyone w/ Passport 3.3 Build 017 have
streaming working?  If not, what version do you have
working?  You can check in the Diagnostics menu.

4.  Is there anywhere else to go to get more
information or steps in troubleshooting a firewire
connection or the test-mpeg or plugctl programs.

Any other advice or suggestions would be appreciated.


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