[mythtv-users] mythtv-users etiquette

Yeechang Lee ylee at pobox.com
Sun Feb 26 02:37:13 UTC 2006

Michael T. Dean <mtdean at thirdcontact.com> says:
> > > mythcommflag --rebuild -f <filename>
> > As I've noted previously and today on mythtv-users, this command just
> > doesn't work right for me
> To Cindy (the OP): Please ignore Yeechang's response.  He just
> hijacked your thread.

??? It's not like I started rambling about politics, religion, or the
evils of Microsoft.

> To Yeechang: Is your recordedmarkup table corrupt?  That would cause
> mythcommflag to fail to properly rebuild the seektable.

As I noted at
I first ran into the 'mythcommflag --rebuild -f' issue not rebuilding
the seek table properly on 0.18.1 after the entire database got blown
away, so there shouldn't theoretically have been any corruption issues
to deal with at all.

Now, soon afterward, I noted at
that 0.19 didn't help me either. I suppose it's possible that my
database got horribly corrupted between the two messages, but given
that I don't have any other issues with seektables I think I'm OK. I
am able to sleep at night.

> And, for future reference, just because a thread says, "mythcommflag
> --rebuild", please don't take that as an invitation to use the
> thread to further your agenda.

Hey! If I'm being lectured out of the blue for having an "agenda," at
least call it a "sinister agenda," or "dangerous agenda," or
something. Just saying "agenda" makes it sound like I'm some kind of
deranged meeting organizer.

> Since your concern is over HDTV recordings, your post does not apply
> to this thread and is likely to cause a new user to fail to follow
> the instructions received for fixing her problem...

It is true that I have HDTV recordings and Cindy does not. I've never
had to deal with SDTV recordings on MythTV, thank goodness.

However, I see nowhere, whether in the 0.19 notes, in 'mythcommflag
--help', or here (at least until now), that 1) (as I found through
empirical evidence) 'mythcommflag --rebuild -f' *does not*
successfully rebuild seek tables for HDTV MPEG2 recordings lacking any
at all (at least not in any useful form) but that 2) (according to
you) this *does* work for SDTV recordings. If I've caused these useful
bits of information to be archived for posterity and Google, that's a
good thing.

I like to think I am a well-mannered poster. Like Mike I careful edit
quoted text (and, for the record, I'm in favor of permanent
Issac-style bans for anyone who doesn't, whether in mailing lists or
on Usenet), I provide links to relevant previous messages, I use
proper grammer and spelling, and I try to provide proper context (like
talking about the details of my setup when relevant). If there's
something else I am supposed to be doing etiquettewise that I haven't
yet learned in more than a decade online, I'm all ears. But, as noted
above, I'm not going to lose sleep over it.

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