[mythtv-users] gmail users Re: Chanell changing problem over firewire using sa3250ch

Ken Beal kenbeal at gmail.com
Sun Feb 26 01:28:00 UTC 2006

Okay, so the answer to my polite request is that bandwidth is a concern.
The example given was 50 KB, so I'll focus on that: 50 KB costs almost
nothing to transmit, almost nothing to store, and (the text) provides value
for new readers.

Who does the proposed solution provides value for?

I see that Isaac Richards has registered the domain with GoDaddy, which most
likely provides mailing list services (I have domains at DirectNIC, and
presume the service is similar).  So this is a personal account, not
something at SourceForge or the like (I'm helping out the MythTV-related
AMICUS project, which is freely hosted on SourceForge, and joined this list
at Andrew's suggestion).

Isaac, are your costs an issue?

Yet again, there is absolutely no sarcasm or antagonism in this email.  I
did receive an answer to my query, but it does not weigh heavily enough
against what I perceive to be the benefits of seeing the entire conversation
in each email.  Are there other reasons behind this proposed policy of
banning Gmail users, or is that it?

I will add no more to this discussion thread until Isaac responds, since
this email may be contributing to increased costs because I am not deleting
any part of it.  I will gladly contribute $20 toward the mailing list
maintenance payments, if there are overages.  Isaac, do you have a PayPal

Ken Beal

PS Gmail very nicely collapses more than X lines of ">" text (I do not know
what X is, it appears to be something like 10-15 or so).  I have been using
Gmail to read multiple mailing lists and very much appreciate its sorting
and threading features, and especially the fact that by using Gmail for my
mailing lists, I'm not interrupted at work when email arrives (and don't
have to switch to "digest mode" which is more difficult to sort/search).

PPS The proposed solution not only puts a burden on the reader if the reader
has not seen the rest of the discussion; it also puts a burden on the
responder, who must spend more time deleting text than I spent typing this
text up here.  My time is valuable, and I would like to spend it getting
value from, and adding value to, a user community.  Not deleting text.

PPPS Why won't you start on top-posting?  It seems like the world is moving
in that direction, otherwise Gmail's interface would have been designed
differently.  (Google engineers do tend to come from a Unix background.)
Again, not trying to antagonize, just observing.  Since you won't start, I
don't have your perspective to compare against.

PPPPS It's interesting that, on the mythtv-dev list, one of the people
participating in this current discussion just said: "Which is exactly what I
said in my post (which was cut from Colin's reply)."  He also said a bit
lower, "That applies for parts of the same movie, but is not the case for
multiple movies with the same name--which was the point of my post (which
you've cut from the reply)..."  So, it seems that deleting text is already
causing inefficiencies in communication on this very forum (well, the
developer side of this forum).

On 2/25/06, Nick <knowledgejunkie at gmail.com > wrote:
> On 25/02/06, Michael Haan <michael.haan at gmail.com> wrote:
> > Oh dear - here we go....
> And I have a GMail address...
> Hopefully Ken will soon appreciate GMail's highly useful threading
> abilities, and understand that any new threads started will be
> threaded in their entireity. Imagine if everyone replying to a thread
> posted a 50KB message with 2 lines of new content, each time. Imagine
> what a waste of bandwidth this would be for both mailing-list users
> and for Isaac's mail server.We won't even start on top-posting ...
> Nick
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