[mythtv-users] More problems than it's worth?

Tim Coughlin tim at doze.net
Sat Feb 25 03:59:26 UTC 2006

Hi James,
This is my first time posting to this list since, thus far, I haven't had any problems that couldn't solved by searching this list's history. I've been running myth since late October of this past year. Using Jarod's guide (I wonder just how many people have used his guide?), I was able to build a proof of concept setup on an old beatup Gateway from work. Even on a 950MHz box with 256MB of RAM, it ran fairly well. After building a slightly improved system, I now use it for Music, Live TV (though not as much anymore), DVDs, Streaming media, Weather and my collection of videos sitting on my windows box. After some initial tweaking and several fairly involved curses, I had a kick-ass system. I haven't even had to reboot my backend yet. MythTV has been remarkably stable and has finally pushed me in to learning how to operate a linux box (before this, my knowledge of linux consisted of running pine and copying files). In any case, I hope this helps to answer your questions, though I suspect the many others that already responded will help too.
Have a good night,
Tim Coughlin
tim at doze.net

On 2/24/2006, James Minihane <j.minihane at minihane.tzo.com> wrote:

>Initially I thought MythTV was THE ANSWER. But reading these lists, it
>seems that MythTV is more of a headache than a godsend. I'm not about to
>invest a few thousand in hardware into a problem ridden system.
>Here's the question...
>How many of you actually use MythTV to...
>Time delay live TV, watch DVDs, schedule recordings, listen to music, and
>view pictures and actually have things work without reboots etc?

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