[mythtv-users] More problems than it's worth?

Matthew Watson glycer67 at gmail.com
Sat Feb 25 03:11:51 UTC 2006

On 2/24/06, James Minihane <j.minihane at minihane.tzo.com> wrote:
> Initially I thought MythTV was THE ANSWER. But reading these lists, it
> seems that MythTV is more of a headache than a godsend. I'm not about to
> invest a few thousand in hardware into a problem ridden system.
> Here's the question...
> How many of you actually use MythTV to...
> Time delay live TV, watch DVDs, schedule recordings, listen to music, and
> view pictures and actually have things work without reboots etc?

I think this has already been more than answered, but I'd like to toss
in my own success story...

I've been using Myth for about a year now; since 0.16 and now 0.19.  I
only use it for mythtv, mythweb, mythweather, and mythflix, but only
because I have existing alternatives (standalone dvd player, portable
mp3 player that connect to the stereo, not a big picture fan).  After
the initial 2-3 week setup period (mostly due to waiting for parts and
getting LIRC to work with a DirecTV receiver), it has been stable ever
since, and now I would be lost without it.  The only problems and
reboots come from upgrades, since I usually try to upgrade everything
(ivtv, lirc, ati drivers, slackware) when a new version of Myth is
released (probably not the best idea).

However, computers are my hobby, and that's exactly how I approach
Myth: as a hobby/learning experience.  I also enjoy problem solving,
and Myth provides plenty of that, but I don't see it as headaches; I
do this for fun, so it's anything but a headache.  I could have easily
used KnoppMyth or FC4/Jarod's guide, but I chose to use Slackware and
compile everything from source and had to put in many extra hours
because of it, but I learned a lot in the process.  I could have
probably used KnoppMyth/Jarod's and had a Myth box humming along
peacefully and only rarely even have to look at this list.  A lot of
posts I've seen on this list are from users who are trying to use
advanced features (hdtv, firewire, XvMC,etc.).  Since these features
are still in infancy compared to the core, there are naturally going
to be more problems.  0.19 was also recently released, and with any
new release, there are going to be bugs and upgrade issues, so the
traffic on the list may be a little higher because of that.

I guess my point is: Myth isn't THE ANSWER, but is it the answer for
you?  Before you spend any money on it, give it a try first.  Don't
let this list make the decision for you.  I don't think you even have
to have a capture card to install it (could be wrong), so you could
try KnoppMyth on an old box and play around with the music, picture
gallery, and other plugins, and then go from there (although most of
the problems arise from setting up the capture card).  You have to be
willing to put some time and effort in it to get it set up the first
time, and I hate to say, but you're current outlook on it isn't going
to make it a pleasing experience.  It's in continuous development, so
there is going to be some maintenance required if you want to keep it
up to date.

BTW, thanks for this post.  I sincerely enjoyed reading all the
positive success stories.  Also, I don't post very often (think this
is my third ever), so I'd like to thank everyone who's contributed in
any way to this project.

Now it's time to get my drink on.


Some people build hotrods in there garage and buy TiVo from Microsoft.
 I build MythTV in my living room and buy a Jeep from the dealership.

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