[mythtv-users] OT: Boot Failure

Phill Wiggin wigginp at mantech-wva.com
Fri Feb 24 19:08:05 UTC 2006

Mercury Morris wrote:

> On 2/24/06, *Robin Hill* <myth at robinhill.me.uk 
> <mailto:myth at robinhill.me.uk>> wrote:
>     I'd say it's either the CPU or motherboard - I don't think the memory
>     would affect it at that stage (systems will usually get to the POST
>     stage even without RAM installed).  My guess would be the motherboard,
>     though that could have killed off the CPU as well.
> Thanks for your reply.  I appreciate your points about 1) the memory, 
> and 2) the fact that the motherboard may have killed the CPU.  Neither 
> had occurred to me before.
> -- 
> MM
Just FYI, I've personally never seen a motherboard that will POST 
without RAM installed, so don't count the RAM out yet.  I have, however, 
seen the memory lock up a system at all points (pre-POST, POST, OS-load, 
and randomly in the OS).   But, I definately agree that a motherboard 
can kill a processor (and vice-versa).

--Phill W.

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