[mythtv-users] Transcode from MPEG-2 Hardware Encoder -> MPEG-4

Andrew Heath lists at heathsworld.com
Thu Feb 23 16:41:50 UTC 2006

Chad wrote:

>>If only Nigel would have continued the rest of his commit message (
>>http://www.gossamer-threads.com/lists/mythtv/commits/131123#131123 ) to
>>explictily say what he was implying:
>>Allow building with configure --disable-audio-oss [on systems without
>>OSS, like MacOS]
>>Then I'd be able to point you to the reason you shouldn't be using that
>How hard would it be to get that little line put in the configure
>script for future versions?  I too ran into the disable-oss problem
>with similar thinking of the above posters, and had problems.
>I see the logic of "why not include it if it doesn't hurt anything"
>but if that were the case, I'd use a default kernel with everything
>included either directly or M'd.  I prefer my systems setup to my
>exact needs, no more, no less.  So, my mentality is to not have OSS on
>there since ALSA now fills that need.  Knowing that it would have
>broken my system with that little tiny message would have, at least,
>saved me the pain of troubleshooting what happens without it ;)
>Again, not knowing a single thing about coding a configure script, but
>couldn't the script be smart enough to recognize a Mac environment and
>disable-oss on it's own rather than offer it as an (easy) option to
>the general public (x86, x86_64, PPC, Sparq?...)?
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Chad, I agree.  Alsa does have a compatibility layer for OSS, but I 
wouldn't think you would have to disable it as a core function.  IMHO it 
should be the other way around and the user would have to disable alsa 
and --with-oss.  Anyway, we all know how it works now so lets watch TV!
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