[mythtv-users] some ATI modelines and connection methods

Raphael Pooser rpooser at gmail.com
Thu Feb 23 02:31:20 UTC 2006

If anyone is using ATI cards successfully -there seem to be a few- can 
you let me know what kind of modelines you're using and what driver 
version you have installed.
It was suggested to me in a previous thread to attempt to adjust my 
modeline by hand until I got the overscan percentage I wanted.  However, 
I've tried using various modelines in my xorg.conf and it seems like 
they are always being ignored.  I started out with a 640x480 NTSC 
interlaced line from the vga2rgb javascript site.  However, trying to 
adjust the various H and V values to move the image around has no effect 
on my display on the screen.  Would this be a case of just having an 
invalid modeline to start with?  I'm doubtful because it seems like a 
standard NTSC modeline should be valid for a typical crt TV.  I don't 
know what the heck my card is doing but I hope it's not some kind of 
limitation in the drivers.

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