[mythtv-users] Blending/spanning two crt projectors using myth and nvidia nview

Chad masterclc at gmail.com
Wed Feb 22 18:44:42 UTC 2006

> I drive my projector from two different computers. The other computer is a
> WinXP box with an ATI 7500 card. I let that box upsample everything. Even
> NTSC sources look good at 2100 x 1575 or so.
> BTW, the WinXP picture is superior to my Myth box with an nVidia 5200...
> Marvin Match
> _______________________________________________

I've heard that the ATI card produces a nicer image, even in linux. 
But it's for the XvMC and ease of setup that people choose the Nvidia
card over the ATI card, at least, that's my gathering ;)  I'd go with
ATI and get a faster CPU in a heartbeat if I didn't hear so many bad
things about ATI; probably the most important to me being that I've
heard they cripple their linux drivers (when compared to the windows
drivers equivilents).  If this has an ounce of truth to it, I'd spit
on ATI if I ever walked passed their corporate offices.

As for XP, I'll install Windows on a computer in my house right after
they release a working copy and remove the deathtrap EULA ;)  (The
exclusion is my wife's laptop, it's hers so I leave it alone, and it
came pre-installed with XP-Home, so I suffer with it, and ensure my
entire LAN is windows available (Samba, etc) ).


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