[mythtv-users] Xebian 0.19 packages

Jack Lowry jrlowry376 at adelphia.net
Wed Feb 22 00:29:10 UTC 2006

Alexander Fisher wrote:

>I've recompiled Christian Marillat's mythtv 0.19 source package...
>Add the following to /etc/apt/sources and do an apt-get update.
>deb http://alexfisher.me.uk/debian sarge main
I upgrade my backend over the weekend (Slackware 10.2 and myth .19) and 
the version of
mysql to 4.1.4.

This evening I upgrade the xbox using your instructions above.

But now I have a mysql version issue, when myth tries to make a 
connection to the mysql database I get a message in the .xsession-errors 
file that says:

ERROR 1251: Client does not support authentication protocol requested by 
server; consider upgrading MySQL client

I've also tried the mysql client and got the same error message.

Not being a debian guy myself I'm a little lost, how can I upgrade the 
mysql client on my xbox?

I guess the wife is going to have to watch American Idler on the MVP, 
provided the correct version of that's around.

Thanx, Jack

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