[mythtv-users] Using commflag list while it is still being generated

Thomas Börkel thomas at boerkel.de
Tue Feb 21 10:23:23 UTC 2006


Chris Pinkham wrote:
>> Even if I tell mythtv to start commflagging at the start of the 
>> recording, the commflag list is only ready/available after the end of 
>> the recording.
> It should already be doing this.  Can you run the frontend and backend
> with the "-v network,commflag" command line option and email me the output?
> When you start watching a recording the player should send out a
> COMMFLAG_REQUEST event which the flagger receives.  The flagger should then
> occasionally recompute the commercial skip list and send out a

How often would be "occasionally"? And do I have to continue watching 
(stay in playing)?

Also, I noticed that commflagging starts only 19 minutes after recording 
started (was scheduled with -10 minutes for begin). Isn't this kinda long?

> I'll try to reproduce on my own as well, but please email me the above
> gzipped (or bzipped) logs.

Email will be underway in a moment.


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